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2019 Camp Card Leader's Guide

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The Gulf Coast Council is pleased to kick-off the annual Council-wide Camp Card sale and THANKS YOU FOR YOUR PARTICIPATION! The intent of this sale is to allow Scouts, in raising funds, to PAY THEIR OWN WAY to a summer Scouting program, including Cub Day Camp, Cub Resident Camp, Boy Scout Summer Camp, Philmont, etc. Units participating in this program will earn 50% commission ($2.50) for each $5 Camp Card they sell. The sale begins Feburary 1st and ends May 3rd, giving units 12 full weeks to sell and close out their accounts. This sale is RISK FREE if the Unit balance is paid in full and any unsold Cards are returned on or by May 3, 2019


  • Stay in Scouting longer
  • Develop strong personal values and character
  • Gain a positive sense of self-worth and usefulness through serving
  • Develop deep caring and nurturing relationships with others
  • Excel in their ability to learn through an outdoor classroom environment
  • Are productive and creative in problem solving


  • A Scout is Thrifty. . . He helps pay his own way!
  • Each Camp Card will sell for $5 each.
  • The participating Unit will keep 50% commission ($2.50) for each Camp Card sold.
  • The Camp Card was designed for our Council’s 9 counties in Florida (Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, Walton,
  • Gulf, Bay, Holmes, and Washington). It would be up to the vendors in any other area to decide if they accept our
  • Camp Card. The card also has an online discount activation code that can be used NATIONWIDE.
  • The Council encourages that sales commissions be applied directly toward sending youth to summer camping
  • events, but they may be used as the Unit Committee sees fit.
  • Need more Cards?? Contact your District Representative and pay $2.50 for the first round of Cards already
  • received and a second round may then be received. The process may continue throughout the sale.
  • Units DO NOT need to prepay for their very first round of Camp Cards. If Cards are not available, join the
  • waiting list at the Council Office or email for if/when Cards become available.
  • Cards may ONLY be issued and returned through your District Executive or Billy Egan, Council Camp Card
  • Advisor for tracking purposes.
  • Payments should be made using a check, cash or credit card. Temporary Checks CAN NOT be accepted.
  • LATE FEE DATE: Monday, May 6th - A LATE FEE OF $.25 CENTS PER CARD WILL APPLY to all sold cards NOT
  • PAID FOR BY FRIDAY, MAY 3rd. No exceptions!
  • We will be holding weekly scheduled close-out and pick-ups at designated locations every Friday from 11-
  • 12pm during the sale at the following locations:
    • o Council Service Center: 9440 University Parkway Pensacola, FL 32514
    • o Southeast Telephone: 606 Newcastle Dr. Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547

By accepting Camp Cards, we, the Scout Unit, recognize that each Card received has a cash value of $5. There is no risk to our unit as long as all unsold Cards are returned, in sellable condition with snap-offs still attached, to the Council office no later than Friday, May 3, 2019. We understand that we are responsible for any Cards that are lost, stolen, misplaced, or damaged and that our Scouts and parents should treat the Cards like a $5 dollar bill. Furthermore, for our Unit’s protection and inventory control purposes, we have designated only two (2) Camp Card representatives who may pick-up our Unit’s Cards and will not send individual families or other members of the Unit to pick-up additional Cards. By signing the agreement, we recognize that beginning May 6, 2019 our unit will be charged $2.75 for every unreturned or unsellable Camp Card.

Scouts can earn much more than money and Camp through the Camp Card Sale. They learn the value of planning, organization, and commitment. Scouts develop and practice new skills, and learn about sales and marketing.

Ensure your Scouts and their families understand that they are selling character, they are selling a better community, and they are selling the benefits of Scouting summer camp — not just selling discount Cards!!! Emphasize that each Card sold helps a Scout EARN HIS OWN WAY, go to camp, purchase a new uniform, or additional equipment. The reason our sale will be successful is that people want to support Scouting. (*Note – Scout Camp costs are close approximations.)

Outcome (all prices subject to change) Cost Sales Per Youth
Cub Scout Resident Camp * $100 = 40 Cards
Cub Scout Day Camp $60 = 24 Cards
Annual Registration $43 = 18 Cards
New Tent* $150 = 61 Cards
Boy Scout Summer Camp* $200 = 80 Cards

The Camp Card Sale is an approved Unit Money Earning Activity sponsored by the Gulf Coast Council. Scouts are authorized and encouraged to wear their Class “A” Uniform for all local Council-sponsored money earning activities. Please refer to the Unit Money Earning Application for requirements and guidelines for all other unit money earning activities.

2019 Camp Card Sale Timeline

  • January 1-31     Unit Registrations – Camp Card Early Distribution if Available
  • Feburary 1         Sale Officially Begins
  • May 3               Sale Ends - Units turn in money and unsold Camp Cards
  • May 6               Units will be charged $2.75 for every non-paid, non-returned Card


  • Council helps with locations – so if you do not have booth sales already arranged then your District Executive has already set up several locations around your area to sell at during the entire sale, contact them directly to sign up.
  • Determine NOW the camping events your Scouts want to participate in and/or program needs for the year.
  • Based upon the costs of those events and program needs, set a Unit Sales Goal! Parents will support a program if there is a clear, concise goal and reason (i.e. Summer Camp, Day Camp, Equipment, Trailer, Pinewood Derby Track, etc.). Best Practices show that a Unit should establish a goal and then develop a per Scout expectation. Think in terms of 24 Camp Cards = Cub Scout Day Camp or 80 Camp Cards = Boy Scout Summer Camp.
  • Consider a Unit Prize Program - Units should consider and are encouraged to develop their own prize program. Youth like prizes and recognition like a pizza party or gift cards.
  • The Council does not offer an incentive program for Camp Card Sales
  • Conduct a Unit Kick-Off!
    • a. Be ENTHUSIASTIC! A boring and dreary sales pitch to the Scouts and families will result in boring and dreary commissions!
    • b. Dream BIG! Small dreams have no magic! Be VERY clear with parents as to how the money earned will be used (i.e. individual camp fees, uniform, etc.).
    • c. COMMUNICATE! A Scout is Thrifty. . . He helps pay his own way! Explain how the sale of Camp Cards teaches youth the value of earning what they want. Encourage every Scout to earn their own way to camp.
    • d. Get Scouts EXCITED about CAMPING! Review dates, costs, etc. for upcoming camping opportunities in the Gulf Coast Council (i.e. Day Camp, Summer Camp, Philmont, etc.).
    • e. Set DEADLINES! Create a sense of urgency! People react to deadlines… “We would like to have our sale wrapped up by next week.” If given three months to sell, families will take three months to sell, and sell everything the last week anyway.
    • f. Conduct Sales Training - Include role play exercises and cover safety and courtesy tips.
    • g. For A Successful Sale, Ensure Your Scouts: Wear a Scout Uniform, smile, and say their first name. Tell the customer what Unit they are with, how much THEY can save with a Camp Card, and what they are going to use the money for. Close the sale and always say THANK YOU!
    • h. Big Finish - Send Scouts and parents home EXCITED to sell.


  • Sell! Sell! Sell! Start with your family, then sell to friends, coworkers, ?neighbors, church members, and businesses you frequent like dry cleaners, restaurants, etc. Units may also coordinate sales times in front of high-traffic areas like banks, stores, and churches. A Camp Card Sales Poster will be provided to promote your s
  • Turn money ($2.50 per Card) in early! If available, the Gulf Coast Council will provide additional Camp Cards to units turning in money. All previously received Cards MUST be paid for before more Cards will be issued.
  • Control your inventory! This will provide you with the flexibility to provide additional Cards to Scouts who are selling. Trying to collect unsold Cards from Scouts in an effort to redistribute them is very time consuming. HOWEVER, if your Scouts are NOT selling……PLEASE RETURN THE CARDS TO THE DISTRICT EXECUTIVE ASAP SO THAT OTHER UNITS MAY SELL THEM.



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